Study in USA, Lets join CCIP (Part 1)

Community College Initiative ProgramWell, maybe some of you haven known about about what CCIP yet, CCIP means Community College Initiative Program which given by US gov as change for international students to have a course in US for a year. Why do i wanna join in this program because i think it’s a huge chance for me to get in US.

Actually I’m still a student at State Polytechnic of Ujung Pandang for business administration, at 6th semester. I’ll finish my study in SPUP by December this year.

CCIP program already opened for someone who wanna join to the program this year and will be officially closed by 1 November each. Because i think is a huge change so definitely many people gonna join this year so i have to make a good preparation to get it.

What do i do to get this program is learning english seriously because i believe my toefl score hasn’t got minimum standard for this program so i have to study hard. Moreover i also have to prepare my paper well, and to complete my paper which ask about what culture i wanna share, i already took a holiday in toraja because i wanna share about their unique culture, actually to share its culture i can just read on internet but chose to went there to researched¬† about their culture while had a holiday. So i can write clearly in my paper about that because i felt it how their culture is.

And the first challenge that i get before joining in this program is i have to change my passport because my place of birth that i put on it doesn’t match with place of birth in my education’s certificate, so i have to change it.

because i was typing it at 2.26 am so i will continue later about my preparation to join this program because i already need my bed so bad.



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