Challenges of being a Leader

Hmmm, I’m at 5th semester of business school in one of university in Makassar. I was chosen as a leader for industrial visit to Singapore on 6-10 february 2012. I’m getting many challenges right now because many participants protest about the price that I have been offering.

Mostly of them ask for low price with good service, that makes me have to think so hard because living cost in Singapore are really expensive, so how could i give them low cost to be there for 5 days? But I will not give up, because if i have run for something means that i have to keep running, stop on the way is not me. So whatever happens I have to hold this event, I have to prove to them that i can do it.

I believe that my lectures chose me because they know my value, so I have to show them that this is my value, this is me. I also always believe that “If we really want to do something you’ll a way, but if you don’t you’ll find an excuse”. So I keep trying because Allah will give a way which better for both of us.



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