Study in USA, Lets join CCIP (Part 1)

Well, maybe some of you haven known about about what CCIP yet, CCIP means Community College Initiative Program which given by US gov as change for international students to have a course in US for a year. Why do i wanna join in this program because i think it’s a huge chance for me to … Continue reading

Pendekatan-Pendakatan Manajemen Perkantoran

Beberapa pendekatan yang silakukan oleh manajer kantor adalah: 1. Pendekatan secara ilmiah Ilmu adalah bagian dari pengetahuan yang diperoleh melalui metode ilmiah, pengetahuan mana telah dihimpun dan diterima dalam hubungannya dengan penemuan atau pengertian tentang kebenaran. Fakta-fakta yang menyusun bagian pengetahuan ini dinyatakan oleh pernyataan-pernyatan atau data-data yang pada umumnya dianggap mewakili fenomena dan dianggap … Continue reading

Lovely December at Toraja Part 1

After had long trip from Makassar to Toraja about 8 hours, finally I arrived at Toraja about 6 am, then went to my friend’s home who host me for few days here. Before we going to some places here, i looked around my friend’s home to see party preparation called Rambusolo of mother in law … Continue reading

Life Cycle

A few days ago I felt really happy for everything. But now seems like everything’s flat, I dont know why because it comes naturally. I just wanna lay in my bed like Bruno mars’ song says. But from this moment I also can learn that in life not everything you want will be because there’s … Continue reading